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New Victory Theater Show

Last Friday, Teenz in the City had the opportunity to visit the New Victory Theater to watch a wonderful circus act called 42ft- A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels. We met at our usual meeting spot and the members decided on the best traveling route that they should take. They used their handy tool called Google maps and decided to take the number 6 train uptown to Grand Central 42nd street and then transferred to the S shuttle train to 42nd street-Times Square. Once the members arrived at Times Square, they used their Google Maps again to find a nice local place to eat dinner at. Once we arrived at the Villa restaurant, the group leaders assisted the members with purchasing and budgeting their dinner choices. During dinner, the members engaged in friendly discussions with each other about their hobbies and interests. After dinner, it was time to walk towards the theater to watch the magnificent show. All the members were very excited to be seated and watch the show. Cirque Mechanic Marvels has spectacular unusual performances including trapeze acts, balancing acts, a man juggling bowling balls and tree logs, and a lot of other cool acrobatic performances. After the show was over, it was time to head back to our usual meeting spot. The members really enjoyed the exciting and marvelous performances from Cirque Mechanic Marvels.

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