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Big Apple Circus

This past Sunday we kicked off the winter/spring semester at the Big Apple Circus where member got to enjoy watching different talented acts. The day started out with meeting at our usual meet up location and looking up directions for how to get there. Once we figured out the directions, using google maps, we agreed to take the N train and then transfer to the 1 train. On the way there, we discussed our thoughts about what we’d see at the circus and how much fun we were going to have there. With the help of group leaders, different topics of conversation were also promoted. Upon arriving and taking our seats, we saw a series of different flying trapeze acts, as well as interesting tight rope acts. After the show was over, members discussed their favorite parts of the show and compared their experience to what they previously expected, prior to seeing the show. Overall, the consensus was that they loved the show and thoroughly enjoyed watching! We're looking forward to a great semester with our friends at Teenz!

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