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Teenz Night: Karaoke

This past Friday, Teenz members went to a karaoke lounge where the members got to pick fun songs to sing and bond over. Before getting there, the members met at their usual location, where they unanimously voted to enjoy the night out by walking to our scheduled venue! On the way there, members discussed which songs they were thinking about singing. Many of them agreed to look for Disney songs to sing when they arrived. Upon arrival, members were directed to their private room, where they got to sing songs from the movies Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, The Little Mermaid, etc. After enjoying their time singing together, the members talked about what they wanted to eat on the way to a local restaurant where they were planning to eat. However, members exercised their patience and ability to be flexible, upon arriving and realizing that the restaurant was closed. After being encouraged by team leaders to think of other nearby places where they would like to eat, they chose to order food at a nearby Five Guys. While at Five Guys, they ordered burgers, hot dogs and fries. After that, we headed back to their usual pick up location, while discussing their favorite parts of the evening.

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