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The Uncommons Board Game Cafe

This past Sunday, Teenz members went to the Uncommons - board game store/cafe, where we enjoyed each other’s company, while playing a series of different games. Before getting there, we met at our usual meet up location, where we all agreed that taking the 6 train to Bleecker Street and walking the rest of the way, was the best route for the day. On the way there, we discussed which games we wanted to play. Because some of the members mentioned that they wanted to play Sorry and Guess Who, we chose to play that game once we arrived. After enjoying a fun-filled day of Sorry and Guess Who, we collectively voted to leave a little earlier in order to still have time to eat at a nearby Pizzeria. Once we got to the pizzeria, members ordered their food, and discussed amongst each other what games they’d like to play the next time we go back to the Uncommons board game store. We then continued our conversations while walking back to the 6 train station to head back to our usual pick up location.

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