Hex & Co. Board Game Cafe

This week's outing took place at Hex & Company on the Upper East Side. Hex & Company is a board game cafe. It's an experiential haven for those who enjoy board, card, and tabletop games. Members had access to a library of hundreds of games, from Settlers of Catan to Cards Against Humanity. Using Moovit and Google Maps, the teens identified the best route to take in order to get to Hex and Company from our usual meetup point of Bread & Butter. The teens decided on the 6 train uptown to 77th street where we walked East to 1st Avenue.

Once at Hex and Company, the teens broke up into three groups. There was one group leader and 3-4 members at each table. Members had a plethora of choices and although we sat separately, we all ended up playing similar games like Jenga, Life, Uno and even Jumanji. The members were taught to think critically and be confident in their decision-making using a wide range of board games.

This Sunday's outing required a lot of flexibility and focus. The teens all had to agree on a board game and be in the moment and engaged without turning to their phones or checking out. The group leaders did a lot of focus exercises, redirecting the teens to concentrate on the task at hand. The group leaders taught the teens focus and time strategies. The group discussed how important focus is as a skill and how it is inherent for success. It is important to practice the amount of time we focus with the goal of focusing longer and longer each time.

The group took the Moovit directions back to the 6 downtown and everyone discussed what they played, how cool the place was and what they were looking forward to the next time we go.