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Valentine's Day Teenz: Max Brenner

In honor of Valentine's day this week's outing took place at Max Brenner in Union Square. Using Moovit and Google Maps, the teens identified the best route to take to get there. They decided on the the 6 train downtown to 14th street and once at 14th street to walk in the North East direction towards the restaurant which would take approximately 15-20 minutes. Upon arrival to Union Square the members broke into two different groups and left the subway station in hopes of meeting the other group in the most efficient walking route. Max Brenner offers a chocolate experience for all the senses . A visit to the Chocolate Bar and Shop, enticed magical memories in everyone. Chocolate, more than any other food, symbolizes childhood and happiness. At Max Brenner, one can enjoy an abundance of desserts made of all sorts of chocolate concoctions. In addition to this, there is a full menu of salads, sandwiches, entrees, and pizzas. Some teens are watching themselves and making healthier choices. In those cases, the teens decided on a salad and to share a dessert after. While others went for burgers, fries, milk shakes and Sharing Fondue.

There were 4 group leaders and 5 group members this week. Over food, the group leaders facilitated "Would You Rather" questions which got members to be engaged in the conversation and allow for their individual personalities to really shine. Their unique answers established connections between members out of humor and silliness. The conversation also centered around budgeting and how if someone got a milk shake/drink that they understand how the little things add up when it comes to how much the final cost of the bill is. There was also some light discussion around highlighting consequences around the importance of paying attention to prices on the menu, being conscious of their budget and in making the best choice that benefits them - this includes food and nutrition. That might mean eating a salad instead of a burger so you can have that extra dessert at the end. The facilitators wanted members to examine benefits and consequences and explore their own self defeating behaviors.

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