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VR World

VR world is a member favorite and is where we went for this past Sunday's outing. Using their Moovit and Google Map apps, members identified that VR world was only a short distance away and that we could easily walk to it. Members took turns leading us to and from Bread & Butter and directed us Northwest to our destination from Bread & Butter and Southeast when returning. VR World is North America’s largest mixed reality playground, with over 50 immersive VR experiences from art and film to gaming and multiplayer features. Merging culture with cutting-edge tech, VR World creates an experience that is rooted in bringing people together by engaging human interaction. The members had over an hour and a half to explore each of the games. While there, one of the group members was feeling really anxious from all the excitement. The leaders took a moment to teach her breathing techniques to help her manage her feelings of anxiety.

When everyone returned to Bread & Butter, the leaders decided it would be helpful to teach the rest of the group how to manage their own intense emotions. The group leaders explained that intense emotions are overwhelming emotions that can come in the form of anger, sadness, anxiety, excitement and even a mixture of many emotions at once. The leaders had the group engage in a mindfulness exercise and had them practice a few different breathing techniques so that they can explore which one works best for them.

There was a contagious joy that was shared by all members. Experiencing that joy as a group helped members feel more connected and bonded to each other. Everyone left eager to return to VR World in the future!

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