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Teenz Returns!

To be safe during the pandemic, the group members practiced excellent safety skills by meeting outside of the Bread and Butter deli to discuss travel plans. We planned to go to Madison Square Park. Using Moovit and Google Maps, the teens identified the best route to the park, but wanted to get lunch first. Due to these uncertain times, the members quickly learned deli accessibility was not open and exercised flexibility by finding others that were open.

In pursuit of lunch, they decided to use their awesome leadership abilities by taking turns looking up delis that were open and choosing route options. Once we arrived at the deli, the members encouraged one another by giving elbow bumps instead of high fives to maintain safety, then proceeded to the park. When we arrived, one member inquired about proper ways to handle masks when eating. Members conversed with one another, sharing about their summer activities. Once we finished eating, a member had to use the restroom so we went into the Eataly marketplace across the street on 5th avenue to use their restrooms. The members impressively demonstrated safety precautions while navigating through the marketplace. After coming out of the marketplace, we passed by the Lego museum and they asked to go inside. The members were instructed they only had five minutes and they exercised excellent time management.

While at the park, we played games, deciding to play Charades and “Head Up”. Members displayed their connections with each other with shared humor and silliness. On our walk back, the members excitedly expressed outing ideas for future sessions.

During the whole outing, the members were very careful keeping themselves and others protected, they diligently practiced social distancing, covered their noses and mouths with face masks, frequently used hand sanitizer and, at the start of our meeting, took temperature readings. Overall another fun time with the teens in the City!

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