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Central Park

Today’s outing began in front of the Plaza Hotel. As usual, to ensure safety, temperatures were checked and recorded. We had a new member. The older members showed excellent leadership skills by helping one another use their navigation tools. Our outing was to Central Park and the members took turns navigating routes. Once we arrived, the members questioned what to do because everyone had different ideas. However, they compromised and followed every individual idea that each member came up with, i.e., sitting on the grass, watching the ducks, walking around, and playing the head’s up game.

As time continued, one of the members expressed a desire to use the restroom. Although all the group members did not have to go at the time, they agreed it would be a good way to avoid any potential accidents. To continue with diligent safety precautions and practice flexibility, the members decided to look for a facility cleaner than Central Park’s restroom. The members quickly learned the difficulty in finding available restrooms. They continued to search and worked tenaciously, not giving up. Finally, a restroom was found. The members praised each other for their teamwork. They used their time management skills and worked together, sharing time reminders to make sure they were not late meeting their parents. Overall, a great adventure with the Teenz In the CIty!

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