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Brooklyn Bridge & Grimaldi's Pizza Fun

The members met in front of the PACE building and had their temperatures checked, maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. The members worked together, checking their navigation tools to find the best and most direct way to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to Grimaldi’s. Upon their group agreement of the best route, they set out across the bridge. While walking, members noticed and learned different features the Brooklyn Bridge had to offer. They pointed out the Statue of Liberty, literature of how the bridge was formed and other sites in the vicinity like the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge Pier. As the members were walking across the bridge, they practiced reciprocal conversations of getting to know one another by asking about interests and future goals.

Once we walked across the bridge, we continued towards our goal to go to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria to have lunch. Once arrived, the members decided to have outside dining at the pizzeria maintaining social distancing. Afterwards, the members went to the Brooklyn Bridge Pier and walked around, noticing and taking part in the different attractions like ringing the bell, swinging on the swings at the playground, and watching the surrounding waterfront and boats, all while discussing ideas for next week’s adventurous outing. The members then walked back to the restaurant to wait for their parents. Another awesome day with the Teenz In The City.

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