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Mini-Golf at Pier 25

At the beginning of the session, we met at Pier 25. As usual, members exercised proper safety precautions with thermometer checks, safety masks, and social distancing. The members immediately assumed leadership positions and inquired about ticket costs to enter. After entering, they discussed their game plan for today’s outing. They took turns sharing awesome ideas about how long they would play golf, times to have lunch, and the times to meet back with the parents at the end. While playing golf, the members worked really hard with challenging themselves on the areas that they struggled with socially and supported one another during the process by taking turns, having reciprocal conversations, and asking questions to one another to learn more about each other.

They worked so hard together compromising, problem-solving, being supportive and assertive as effective communicators. During our lunch time, the members brainstormed ideas about where to go eat lunch. They took turns expressing their interests and compromised about where to go, bringing awareness to the location, budgets, and time management concerns. As a result, the members realized that they decided to go to an area where there were benches honoring safe distancing and budget-friendly options to eat lunch if they chose. While eating, the members took turns having reciprocal conversations about their week and brainstorming upcoming outing ideas. While heading back to meeting their parents, the members continued to ask one another questions in a continued effort to socialize. Another great day with Teenz In The City.


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